In Ecuador for more than 40.000 adults and children going through a chemotherapy treatment, food doesn’t taste like food. One of the treatment’s side effects is the degeneration of taste buds, that causes loss of appetite on patients as everything they eat has a metallic taste.
Savor Saver is an affordable candy that helps cancer patients regain their appetite because they can feel the real flavor of food again. This candy is made of a wild berry known as the "miracle fruit", which grows in the coastal region of Ecuador, able to regenerate taste buds for 60 minutes. Helping thousands of patients to maintain a proper nutrition to endure such a strong treatment and without side effects. At only $0.15 per count, is a low cost that guarantees a nationwide distribution by the Ministry of Public Health, private sector and associated cancer organizations.
Agencia: Rednet Ecuador + Ogilvy Colombia
CCO Latam: John Raúl Forero
Creative VP: Juan Pablo Álvarez
Creative Directors: Andrés Vallejo, Iván Rivera, Camilo Ruano
Creative Team: Diego Benítez, Danny Mármol, Manuel Hoffmann, Javier Galfré, Esteban Benítez
Executive Producer: Abel Menéndez
Account Director: Sandra Valdés
Packaging Design: Bastien Baumann, Robyn Makinson, Grina Choi
Production Company: Plan 9 + Dmente Films
Directors: Jonathan Specktor + Juan Pablo Rodriguez
Photography Director: Eduardo Filippini
Producers: Juliana Aguirre + Adrián Sánchez + Germán Gallegos
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