There are over 300.000 Ecuadorian children in the Andean communes struggling with chronic undernourishment. The vast majority of mothers aren't aware of this health problem until it's too late. Malnutrition in babies comes with irretrievable adulthood consequences and early deaths.

Mother Blanket is a reinvented *Sikinchi that translates the OMS Infant Growth Chart into a cultural appropriate pediatric evaluation tool, that helps Andean Mothers keep track of their babies correct development. In order to fight chronic undernourishment in Andean communes, we create a didactic tool in native Quichwa and Spanish that teaches Andean mothers how to identify if correct baby development.
*Cultural swaddling blanket that Andean mothers have been using for centuries to carry their babies.
Blanket Designs \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
In order to connect deeply with the Andean mothers we took as inspiration those icons that have a huge meaning for the indigenous worldview.
Every blanket has a unique design, with powerful colors, different patters and textures. The main task was to make them look beautiful, eye catching, respecting the visual language of the Inca culture but beside everything easy to understand. After all we were designing a pediatric medical tool.
+ Cannes Lions 2020/21
GOLD: Health & Wellness > Non Profit
GOLD: Direct > Cultural Insight
SILVER: Direct > Social Behavior
SILVER: Sustainable & Development Goals > Hunger
SHORTLIST: Health & Wellness > OTC Products
SHORTLIST: Media > Use of Ambient

+ The One Show 2021
SILVER: Experiential & Immersive > Physical Products
SILVER: Out of Home > Apparel
BRONZE: Direct Marketing > Physical Items
MERIT: Health & Wellness > Direct Marketing

+ London International Awards (LIA)
SILVER: Health & Wellness > Devices and Diagnostics
SILVER: Health & Wellness > Social Responsibility/Awareness
BRONZE: Ambient & Activation > Direct Marketing
BRONZE: Transformative Business Impact > Sustainable Government and Community

+ Ojo de Iberoamérica 2020
GOLD: Sustainable > Health
GOLD: Innovation > Health
SILVER: Media > Activation in Public Spaces
BRONZE: Design > Product Design
BRONZE: Direct > Brand Activation
BRONZE: Direct > Public Ambient
BRONZE: Brand Experience > Public Spaces
Agency: Rednet Ecuador + Ogilvy Colombia
CCO Latam: Jéssica Apellaniz, John Raul Forero
Creative VP: Juan Pablo Álvarez
Creative Directors: Andrés Vallejo, Sebastián Barrera
Creative Team: Salomé Castellanos, Diego Benítez, Danny Mármol, Manuel Hoffmann, Javier Galfré, Esteban Benítez
Head of Art: Alejandro Bottas
Executive Director: Sandra Valdés
Executive Producer: Abel Menéndez
Graphic Design: Sergio Parreno, Geo Flores, Pamela Silva
Production Company: Darko Films
Director: Javier Cutrona
Producers: Andrea Moyano, Nora Zara
Photography: Jenny Ruiz
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